Monday, December 15, 2008

Changes in Priorities

As I look back when I was much younger and still single, my salary will always go to buying material things usually for myself and constant dining out. Being a young professional with no attachments and big responsibilities in life was indeed such a pleasurable experienced. Now that I am married, things have changed. There are realizations in various aspects especially in prioritizing the essentials in life over the whims which mostly just brings a temporary feeling of happiness. One example, is just recently when my husband and I already got our 13th mo. Pay and Bonuses, instead of spending it on shopping and outings we just spent it on renovating our house, particularly our room in preparation for our coming baby. We did not think of ourselves first. I guess it is also a part of growing up to be mature and having a sense or responsibility.

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Toni said...

So many times it is the change on responsibility, I like to call it ages and stages. But you'll find much joy in shopping for your upcoming baby!!