Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Driving 101

One of my objectives for next year is to be really able to drive a vehicle. I have tried many times before though, but I cannot say that I’m already competent and confident enough to drive just by myself without any instructions given to me. Skills in driving can be considered an advantage these days because some jobs require applicants who know how to drive and personally it’s a necessity because I might have a car soon. (LOL) My husband by the way is the one who patiently teaches me how to drive. He says that, I can already drive; it’s just that I still lack concentration or focused towards my driving because I always forget his instructions and I still get nervous. He says that I should relax and focused on the road and be aware of the road signs. Well, I guess I still need more practice. After all, practice makes perfect right? I’m sure next year I’ll be better. By the way, I already have a driver’s license and I got a Professional one. Well, what can you say about that?

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