Friday, November 21, 2008

Simply Chiz

Last night, I get to see Chiz Escudero in person. Actually, it wasn't my first time to see him in personal, but this time it's really up-close. The guy is really simple considering that he is one of the leaders of our country. A senator, at that. He is just clad in jeans and T-shirt, really different from his usual barong outfit in the congress. He is a good friend of my boss, and he keeps coming back here in Davao for some reasons I don't know. Maybe just to skip from his busy schedule and take time to be with friends and share a good time. I'm sure my boss will support him on his political career which I think he is eyeing for a much higher position this coming election on 2010. Well, I just wish him good luck and hope he can make the economic condition of the country better.

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