Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Driving 101

One of my objectives for next year is to be really able to drive a vehicle. I have tried many times before though, but I cannot say that I’m already competent and confident enough to drive just by myself without any instructions given to me. Skills in driving can be considered an advantage these days because some jobs require applicants who know how to drive and personally it’s a necessity because I might have a car soon. (LOL) My husband by the way is the one who patiently teaches me how to drive. He says that, I can already drive; it’s just that I still lack concentration or focused towards my driving because I always forget his instructions and I still get nervous. He says that I should relax and focused on the road and be aware of the road signs. Well, I guess I still need more practice. After all, practice makes perfect right? I’m sure next year I’ll be better. By the way, I already have a driver’s license and I got a Professional one. Well, what can you say about that?

Monday, December 15, 2008

Changes in Priorities

As I look back when I was much younger and still single, my salary will always go to buying material things usually for myself and constant dining out. Being a young professional with no attachments and big responsibilities in life was indeed such a pleasurable experienced. Now that I am married, things have changed. There are realizations in various aspects especially in prioritizing the essentials in life over the whims which mostly just brings a temporary feeling of happiness. One example, is just recently when my husband and I already got our 13th mo. Pay and Bonuses, instead of spending it on shopping and outings we just spent it on renovating our house, particularly our room in preparation for our coming baby. We did not think of ourselves first. I guess it is also a part of growing up to be mature and having a sense or responsibility.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Plans for 09

Yesterday, my officemates and I were having a serious conversation regarding our personal plans for 2009. Most of us were a bit anxious of what will be the status of the economy for next year because this will have an effect on our company since we are into real estate. We are experiencing right now delays in payments from lessees thus affecting our cash flows and our budget for the company’s seems not been able to met. They say that their contingency plan is to look for other opportunity rather than wait for something uncertain to happen. But as for me, I can’t really decide right now. I have other more important things to focus myself into. I’m just hopeful and positive that things will turn out right and I hope that the coming year will be fruitful and full of blessings.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Party Presentations

It is common among companies to have a presentation during Christmas Parties every year. It is a time of the year that employees can get to show the other side of them, like a talent perhaps in singing, if there’s any, that is! (lol) Well, presentations usually come in groups and they usually dance. It can be a contest or just merely a showcase of talents and for the spirit of fun as well. In our company, it is like an SOP that if you are a newcomer you’re really required to participate and since I’m still new in my company right now I must join. But, I still feel lucky because I have an excuse not to participate because I’m pregnant. So, I can’t dance. That’s why I just volunteered in helping my group mates in whatever way I can like being in-charge of the props that they will need and give suggestions as far as their performance is concern. So far, I’m having fun and I enjoyed watching them dance because they really try their best effort to dance gracefully. (Some employees are not naturally born dancers, you know.) Well, I just hope that my group gets to win the first place on our Christmas party presentation because there’s so much effort put into it. Good luck!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanks Doc!

I got colds and fever a few days ago, I know it due to the changing of weather conditions every now & then. I got worried a bit about my sickness because I’m pregnant and I’m not supposed to get sick. So, I immediately set an appointment with my OB-Gynaecologist to check up on me and ask for a medicine that is safe to take, especially for my baby. So, she gave me a paracetamol and Vitamin C to boost up my immune system. True enough, because in just a matter of hours I feel somehow relieved and felt better. She just said that I need to get a lot of rest also and drink lots of water.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Productive Blogging

I’m still new to this blogging thing; a friend introduced me to this a few months ago and I got interested because it’s not just a way of passing time, it is a mental exercise as well because it makes you think and sort of reflect on the things you do, or give opinions on certain things around you. It improves your writing skills and best among these benefits is that you can monetize it. This can be very helpful especially nowadays that we’re experiencing a period of crisis.
I was amazed that there’s a lot of opportunity to find, and one of them who gave such opportunities is snapbomb, which I happen to read during my blog hopping. This is available for advertisers who wish to market their products via blog advertising or blog marketing and of course to all the bloggers who want to earn money. It is very easy to register, no need for you to wait until your blog is like a certain month old to get qualified. Once you register your blog, they will review it and approved in just a matter of 24 hours. Isn’t that great? You can immediately start writing posts and be productive.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Congrats MP!

Manny Pacquiao, once again gave us a feeling of awe and brought an honour to the country. Yesterday, he won over Oscar dela Hoya as the latter surrendered and humbly accepts his defeat on 9th round. It was such a momentous event for Pacman as he considers this recent fight as the biggest fight of his entire career. As he embraced his victory he was still humble enough to tell dela Hoya that he is still his idol, which in return dela Hoya dissents and told Manny that he is now his idol. Well, whatever they say, these two guys are both worthy of their status and idolized by a lot of people, but of course there’s only going to be one man left standing --- and that is no other than the Pacman - Manny Pacquiao!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

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Becoming Practical

Times are hard nowadays; it is really wise to practice budgeting. To budget, doesn’t mean that you have to deprive yourself of the things that you want to have. It’s just a matter of prioritizing the essentials first over the not so important things. Personally, I admit it’s hard sometimes because I feel tempted to buy things especially when I’m at the shopping malls. Actually, I consider myself an impulsive buyer although lately I’m really trying to change it because I already have a family of my own and by that being a wife and soon to be mom I have to see to it first that we always meet our necessities. As much as possible also aside from budgeting, saving is a must, because we will never know when the time comes that we will going to need it badly. It is always wise to have a something that we can use during a rainy day.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


It’s almost eight o’clock p.m. and I’m still at the office – not because I have to stay for work but because I have no choice but to stay due to heavy downpour of rains, not to mention the flood cause by clogging of waste at the drainage. I am stranded. My husband is also stranded outside, the jeepney he’s riding on his way to fetch me got stuck up. There’s nothing much we can do but to only update each other by means of sending text messages in our cell phones. Gosh, I can’t wait to go home already. I’m starving and I’m really tired, I want to lie down on my bed.

Monday, December 1, 2008

December 7

What’s the fuss about December 7? Well, it’s just about the up-coming and much awaited boxing event of Pacquiao vs. Dela Hoya…. But, of course! It’s the fight that I think a lot of people are talking about, especially among Filipinos. I’m not really into boxing, but now it has become such a popular sport and a lot of people are into it not just the common persons but people in high society as well. In the Philippines, the most influential person I think when it comes to boxing is no less than the Pacman – the name tagged to Manny Pacquiao. He has brought a lot of glory to the country and that makes us proud of him. I hope he’s going to bring again the bacon this coming Sunday.
Meantime, at our house my father and my husband it like doing their on countdown. They’re so excited, they are talking about it everyday. As in everyday, their conversation is like a broken record, it keeps on recurring. But hey, I don’t want to spoil their fun. I know they are just enjoying and I can’t really blame them. It’s a guy’s stuff.

Next time Singapore

I’m supposed to be going to Singapore for a six days vacation this week. But, I let the opportunity pass me by because I think it will be too risky for my condition right now. I am close to my seventh month of pregnancy and the idea of travel is like so far out. Actually, it has been planned a few months back, long before I found out that I am pregnant and I have no way to cancel it because we bought the ticket already and since we bought it during an airfare promo, it cannot be refunded, transferred and neither cancel. So, I just thought that maybe it wasn’t really my time yet to go to Singapore. It was supposed to be my first out of the country travel. Well, I’m not really sad about it. Maybe next time I will get the chance to travel again and who knows I will get to travel with my own family and that will be much happier.

Shopping for our Baby

Last weekend, my husband and I went shopping for the things that my baby will need when she arrives soon. Since I’m already almost seven months pregnant and we already know the gender (it’s a baby girl), it is really the best time to buy. I went for the things that she will need for her first few months and I was advised that I don’t have to buy lots of clothes because babies grows rapidly. My husband was more knowledgeable when it comes to baby’s stuffs than I am because he’s the eldest in their family and has lots of siblings which he said that he was able to look after. So, I just followed him and agree to what he says. He’s also a more practical buyer than I am. That is! He just shows me the things and makes me choose which colour is nice and looks cute because in that area I can say I know better than him. ☺ I was lucky also because my husband’s sister-in-law was kind enough to lend us some of her baby’s clothes and somehow by that I already saved money.