Sunday, November 23, 2008

Operation Diet

Yesterday, I went to my OB-GYNE for my monthly pre-natal check-up. As always, first thing her assistant did to me is to get my weight, usually I gain one pound only every month, and my OB says that it’s good, and that for sure I’m going to deliver my baby normally if I continue to gain only that much every month. But this time around, my OB was really surprised because I gained ten pounds. In one month, that is! She say’s that it’s it’ very abnormal, so she immediately suggests that I would go a clinic and do some lab test to check my sugar to find out if I’m diabetic or not. Well on my mind, I’m pretty sure that I’m not because we have no history of diabetes in our family and true enough because when I got the result I’m within normal range. Even the, my OB still told me that I really have to diet because If I don’t It’s really going to be difficult for me and my baby. I might deliver my baby by caesarean operation. What makes it hard to imagine is that Christmas season is approaching and for sure I get to eat plenty of foods. Oh my, I have to diet – It’s going to be difficult for sure because I really can’t resist eating -- just anything that I want. I really have a big appetite. Huhu..

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