Monday, December 1, 2008

Shopping for our Baby

Last weekend, my husband and I went shopping for the things that my baby will need when she arrives soon. Since I’m already almost seven months pregnant and we already know the gender (it’s a baby girl), it is really the best time to buy. I went for the things that she will need for her first few months and I was advised that I don’t have to buy lots of clothes because babies grows rapidly. My husband was more knowledgeable when it comes to baby’s stuffs than I am because he’s the eldest in their family and has lots of siblings which he said that he was able to look after. So, I just followed him and agree to what he says. He’s also a more practical buyer than I am. That is! He just shows me the things and makes me choose which colour is nice and looks cute because in that area I can say I know better than him. ☺ I was lucky also because my husband’s sister-in-law was kind enough to lend us some of her baby’s clothes and somehow by that I already saved money.

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