Monday, December 1, 2008

Next time Singapore

I’m supposed to be going to Singapore for a six days vacation this week. But, I let the opportunity pass me by because I think it will be too risky for my condition right now. I am close to my seventh month of pregnancy and the idea of travel is like so far out. Actually, it has been planned a few months back, long before I found out that I am pregnant and I have no way to cancel it because we bought the ticket already and since we bought it during an airfare promo, it cannot be refunded, transferred and neither cancel. So, I just thought that maybe it wasn’t really my time yet to go to Singapore. It was supposed to be my first out of the country travel. Well, I’m not really sad about it. Maybe next time I will get the chance to travel again and who knows I will get to travel with my own family and that will be much happier.

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