Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Party Presentations

It is common among companies to have a presentation during Christmas Parties every year. It is a time of the year that employees can get to show the other side of them, like a talent perhaps in singing, if there’s any, that is! (lol) Well, presentations usually come in groups and they usually dance. It can be a contest or just merely a showcase of talents and for the spirit of fun as well. In our company, it is like an SOP that if you are a newcomer you’re really required to participate and since I’m still new in my company right now I must join. But, I still feel lucky because I have an excuse not to participate because I’m pregnant. So, I can’t dance. That’s why I just volunteered in helping my group mates in whatever way I can like being in-charge of the props that they will need and give suggestions as far as their performance is concern. So far, I’m having fun and I enjoyed watching them dance because they really try their best effort to dance gracefully. (Some employees are not naturally born dancers, you know.) Well, I just hope that my group gets to win the first place on our Christmas party presentation because there’s so much effort put into it. Good luck!

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