Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Show me the money!

pic from google

When the new Philippine Peso bills came out, I got excited. It looks really different from the previous bills. It looks like a money from other currency of other countries. I went on collecting the new bills everytime I got one because it really looks nice, still so crisp and I have a plan that those new bills that I collected, I'm going to use it for the Holidays. For my godchildren, so that when I give it to them they will be excited too..I hope! lol!..However, I found out from the news that some people don't like to use it. Some establishments don't accept it. For the simple reason that they are not used to it that they might make a mistake in when they use it. I thought, how come? How will they get used it if they will not start using it.

Anyway, I also heard from the national news that the old Philippine Peso bills will be of no value after 2014. So better get disposed of your old bills and replace them with the new ones.

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Sam D. said...

Indeed nice! I hope I can get one too for my daughter soon. :-)