Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Waiting Will Be Over Soon

Finally, the month that I’ve been waiting for has come. It’s already the month of February and anytime soon I will be a mom. I have mixed emotions, a feeling excitement of what is it really going to be like to be a mom and at the same time a feeling of nervousness since I have no experienced at all on giving births. As much as possible, I will try to deliver my baby in a normal way. Some says, it’s really going to be painful but being a mom, and the chance that I will be able to bring a Life in this world is incomparable.


James said...

Dear Mary Anne,

Be brave! Be brave because nothing is more noble than bearing a child into this world and nurturing them to become honorable and a blessing to themselves and others. To painfully struggle a little while; and finally be able to smell them, hold them dearly and kiss them warm is a celebration no other feeling more triumphant and sublime than this one.

:) Well, my wife said it's only during labor that hurts the most. Moments later, the baby would just slide from inside you down into the doctor's lap and would then shout a momentous 'Hurray'!

nadine♥christian said...

you can do it:)
Me myself, I'd feel the same if I were about to be a mom. Don't worry much for God will always be beside you, have courage!!!

Blog hopped:)

God bless and your baby too:)

Cyra Miles Valdez said...

wow... all the best.. there is nothing impossible in prayers..

Toni said...

Being a mom is like no other experience in the world. I've been there 3 times. I heard so many horror stories as well; but I had all of mine normally and without any meds and it wasn't anything that I wouldn't do again. Once you hold your precious bundle of joy you forget about any pain you might have had. God is so amazing! Congratulations as you're about to begin a whole new chapter of your life. Enjoy every moment you can with your baby because they grow so fast and you can never get the time back. Psalm 127:3 "Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward."