Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone! It’s nice to be back after a long vacation from work. Although, I just stayed most of the time at our house, nevertheless it was an enjoyable and worthy time spent with families and friends. I had a lot of time spent in relaxation and of course one of my favourite pastime – watching DVD’s. I was able to watch a lot of movies; I had a DVD marathon to be exact! (lol) I also enjoyed our walking during early morning with my husband; it is my way of preparation as they say I have to exercise so I won’t have difficulty during my labor which is the due date will be next month already. Anyway, vacation is over and I need to get back to my daily work and activities. Hope this year would bring a lot of blessings to my family and as well as for all of us to continue to have a good health. May God bless us...

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