Monday, December 1, 2008

December 7

What’s the fuss about December 7? Well, it’s just about the up-coming and much awaited boxing event of Pacquiao vs. Dela Hoya…. But, of course! It’s the fight that I think a lot of people are talking about, especially among Filipinos. I’m not really into boxing, but now it has become such a popular sport and a lot of people are into it not just the common persons but people in high society as well. In the Philippines, the most influential person I think when it comes to boxing is no less than the Pacman – the name tagged to Manny Pacquiao. He has brought a lot of glory to the country and that makes us proud of him. I hope he’s going to bring again the bacon this coming Sunday.
Meantime, at our house my father and my husband it like doing their on countdown. They’re so excited, they are talking about it everyday. As in everyday, their conversation is like a broken record, it keeps on recurring. But hey, I don’t want to spoil their fun. I know they are just enjoying and I can’t really blame them. It’s a guy’s stuff.

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