Sunday, December 7, 2008

Congrats MP!

Manny Pacquiao, once again gave us a feeling of awe and brought an honour to the country. Yesterday, he won over Oscar dela Hoya as the latter surrendered and humbly accepts his defeat on 9th round. It was such a momentous event for Pacman as he considers this recent fight as the biggest fight of his entire career. As he embraced his victory he was still humble enough to tell dela Hoya that he is still his idol, which in return dela Hoya dissents and told Manny that he is now his idol. Well, whatever they say, these two guys are both worthy of their status and idolized by a lot of people, but of course there’s only going to be one man left standing --- and that is no other than the Pacman - Manny Pacquiao!

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