Thursday, November 6, 2008

Meryll's Movies

When I saw the movie ‘devil wears prada”, I suddenly became a fan of Meryll Streep. She is very good in that movie, and I like the way she portrays her role of being the demanding boss of Anne Hathaway.
I like her also in her recent movie “mamma mia”. Her role there is very light, not really heavy drama, but she sings there and she does it very well. It’s very entertaining and I bet a lot people enjoyed that movie not just the young ones of today’s generation, but as well as their parents because all the songs in that movie are songs of the iconic group Abba during the ’60’s which undeniably still popular and frequently heard of these days. Meryll Streep has indeed proven again herself that she is really a versatile actress and her being an academy awarded actress is a proof of that.

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