Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Not really meant for me

A few months back, I received a phone call from my former officemate, to receive a call from him is really not usual so it must really be something of news, so I asked him what is he up to? He told me straight that would I be willing transfer to their company and take his post because his long awaited visa for abroad has already been approved.
I was kind of surprised by his news and at the same time I was happy for him as well. After sometime of weighing and deliberation on my part and his effort of convincing me, I told him that I will accept the offer. So, I already braced myself on how to ask permission from my boss, as I was about to submit my resignation letter, my former officemate called me again, he said that If I haven’t submitted my resignation yet, better I will not do it. I asked why? He told me that their company is doing some cost-cutting measures, and part of is not to hire new employees. I understand, so I continue doing my present work. After quite some time, He asked me again if I’m still interested, because their company decided to hire for his replacement and the position is still open. I was asking him if there’s any assurance, and he told me that my papers is already approved. It’s now up to me to decide. So there again, I was backed to weighing things and the possibilities. But this time around, it’s different. I gave him my decision, and my decision is not to pursue the offer because of a personal circumstance that is inevitable. But I let them to decide whether they will continue to hire me or not. If they will hire me, well and good. If not, I can totally understand. So, they told me that they will just accept my decision but they cannot compromise their offer. So I accepted it as well and thank them for the opportunity. I thought, maybe it wasn’t just really meant for me…

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