Wednesday, November 5, 2008


My current job right now is pretty exhausting. It’s really different from the previous job that I had for the past four years. What makes me really dog-tired is the kind of set-up my job requires. I’m reporting to two different workstations everyday, I have to different bosses which has two different needs as well so sometimes it can be very dis-orienting. Sometimes, I would ask myself, how long am I going to do this, or is what I’m doing really worth it?
But, anyway so far… on a positive note, I can say that, I can still able to manage myself. What makes me going right now is the fact that I have a job and I’m thankful enough that I’m not a part of the unemployed because nowadays it’s really difficult to get a decent job. To be practical also, my current salary pays the bills (although still not enough..hehe) I’m striving to do right now to get better everyday in everything that I do so that at the end of the day everything will be lighter & much easier.

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