Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Wedding

I got married just recently, only about two months ago to be exact. It was totally unexpected to happen so soon, although we already had plans of doing it on later part of this year. It was due to a personal circumstance, that’s why we had to do it earlier than the agreed plan. During our preparation, which is just barely one month, we really had to maximize our time because my husband and I have daily jobs. We sought help from our friends and relatives for the things to do & to buy. One of the constraints also during the preparation is our financial resources, so we really have to budget everything. We’re very grateful because a lot of people helped us in whatever way they can. Some of them shouldered our expenses, and some of them also gave us assistance. I was really surprised of the way things turned out. Truly, it was indeed a successful special event, I must say. Thank God & to all the people involved and made it possible

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