Monday, November 24, 2008

I miss cafe mocha

I love coffee, although I don’t really consider myself a coffeholic, but once in a while when I have the chance, I always drink café mocha. That’s my usual order. My husband and I both enjoyed drinking at coffee shops especially during weekends or even on weekdays after work. It’s sort of like a relaxation and one way to unwind after a busy day. But, of course that was before when I’m not yet pregnant, coffee is a no-no for pregnant since it has caffeine. But they say, it’s ok to drink, just limit it to one glass. But I would not like to take the risk. I will just have wait for a couple of months until I get to drink café mocha again.

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Ylan said...

I love coffee mocha too! :)
thanks for adding me up, i added u too already... :)