Sunday, November 9, 2008

Blossomed Relationship

During my recent wedding, the people who compose of the entourage were either friends of mine, of my husband’s or both. So, basically we knew them personally or very well. One of my bridesmaids which was also my former officemate say’s that she’s already single and available and she is jesting on me if he’s partner is good looking. I told her I have no idea because I haven’t met the guy yet, He was a good friend of my husband and all I know is that he’s working abroad. So, I told her to hold her excitement (lol), for they will be going to see each other anyway during the wedding. At the day of the wedding they both arrived early, as if they arrived together. So, in short they were introduced to each other and exchange some talks. All the while during the wedding, they were like inseparable, I thought that they clicked, so I was teasing them that maybe it will develop into something special. After the wedding, I lost contact with them.
Weeks passed after the wedding, I got a text message from my friend, and she says that she wants to tell me something. It’s kind of’ important and she’s a bit shy of sharing it. I forced her to spill it out already, so that I’ll know. She told me that she already has a bf and I she let me guess who the guy is…. I told her my guess, but I was wrong… it turned out to be one of the best man also. I was a bit surprised for I thought it will be the guy I was pairing him for. But, I am happy for them in a way because at least out of a special event in our life came a new blossoming relationship as well. I hope that continue to get to know each other better and who knows one day I’ll get an invitation from them to attend their wedding. =)

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